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How To Hack Your Supply Chain: Breaking Today, Building Tomorrow

Dr. Elouise Epstein’s new book, How To Hack Your Supply Chain: Breaking Today, Building Tomorrow, provides insights to practitioners for navigating the ongoing volatility of the disruptive world we live in.

This book’s guidance couldn’t arrive at a better time. Supply chain leaders are encountering technological changes, increased customer expectations, and growing security risks. Seemingly overnight, supply chain management has gone from the understudy to the leading actor.

The trouble, though, is that most global enterprise supply chains were architected and built decades ago. They remain lumbering monoliths designed to maximize cost savings at the expense of, efficiency, ESG, and security. More importantly, most supply chains are not digital, instead running on technology from the 1990s, spreadsheets, and human grit. It’s time for enterprises to fundamentally redesign their supply chains and then rebuild them around digital excellence and AI fluency.

In How to Hack Your Supply Chain, Dr. Epstein explains how to create intelligence from the glut of data and upskill practitioners to function in a disrupted world. She also provides advice for improving cyber and physical security and the ability to operate supply chains effectively in an ever evolving global society. Written with humor and plenty of real-world examples, How to Hack Your Supply Chain is a must-read for operations leaders and anyone else who yearns to understand and design supply chains for the future.


Link to YouTube videos watched as referenced in the book


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