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Looking for a keynote speaker to inspire, motivate, and prepare for the future of business? Dr. Elouise is your person. Using her dry wit, humor, and nearly 25 years of management consulting experience mixed with historical anecdotes she will take your audience on a journey to the future.

(Given my current position all public speaking fees will be donated to the Transgender Law Center)

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Keynote Topics

Image by Barrett Ward

Building Better Supply Chains

The success of the global economy and even individual countries is directly dependent on the ability of enterprise supply chains to run efficiently and effectively. 


This widely accessible keynote helps business leaders, employees, and the public learn why and how we build better supply chains.

Key points include:

  • Supply chain fundamentals

  • Embracing digital innovations

  • Designing for security & resiliency

  • Embedding AI into Operations

Image by Barbara Zandoval

Digital and AI Transformations

Digital and AI innovations have fundamentally changed the world. It is incumbent upon organizations and people alike to understand the vast implications these changes are causing.


This informative keynote cuts through the hype and overinflated exceptions and lays out for leaders and employees the key success factors needed to successfully employ these advanced technologies.

Key points include:

  • Discerning hype from reality

  • Creating a culture of digital

  • Deploying advanced technology effectively


Image by Viktor Jakovlev

The Future of Business

The global business landscape is in a perpetual cycle of disruption as the global, social, and environmental issues confront us. Simultaneously, technological innovation is occurring at a blistering pace.


This keynote helps business leaders and employees understand and contextualize these changes and more importantly what to do about them.

Key points include:

  • Operating in a disruptive world

  • Engaging the new work force

  • Embracing the AI Era

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